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EU9 - The Biggest Online Betting in Asia

The popularity of online features and current technology is proliferating. Especially for betting and casino, the pandemic makes people turn to the advanced ones. Here we are, EU9 Asia – The most extensive online betting brand in Asia. As a global betting agency, our services and providers cover online gambling and betting fans in a lot of countries, such as Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, etc.

Our services include but are not limited to the casino, sportsbook, lottery, online games, and many more. Speaking of these services, some of our providers hold premium brand recognition, such as EUBET, Spadegaming, Allbet, Playtech, etc. EU9 Asia prioritizes the convenience, security, and privacy of our customers. All of the customer’s available personal information will be maintained, treated, and stored in the most secure, trusted, and confidential way.

Within a month, a single brand of ours can handle more than 6000 active members from various parts of the world – thanks to our ‘rising stars’, the EU9 Asia.

For the lottery fans, EU9 Asia also accommodates the customers with the top-notch quality courses within the industry. We have certified, licensed, and accredited providers administered by and under the auspices of legal lottery operators and watch. These efforts are necessary and will maximize our service, which always puts the customer first.

Explicitly talking about our casino games, there are several options that our customers can choose. Each of these options has its own specifications, and it certainly will satisfy and please our customers’ expectations – fans of online games and gambling. Here, we will offer some of the EU9 Asia's best options and also further discuss the EU9 as the most extensive online betting in Asia within the article entitled “EU9 Asia - The Biggest Online Betting in Asia”.

EU9 Various Online Casino Games with A Lot of Choices

We got a lot of preferences for the games, and all of them are played online. It means that all the pros and benefits of the web-based platform can be enjoyed: the customer can play it anytime and anywhere; non-stop, 24/7; and risk-free. Moreover, all of our games and choices are also classified into several categories.

It is since EU9 Asia policy is to put forward customer conveniences – let the customer browse all of our products and services with ease. In that matter, the categories consist of live casino, slot, sports, and lottery. Each of those categories will be further discussed in detail:

  • Live casino

EU9 Asia services include most of the live casino (or interchangeably called online casino) mode, which is commonly found in any other platform. Based on the coziness of playing various games in just one spot, we managed to abridge all of the games within a single unit of our system. To be exact, there are 16 options that the customer can choose from, i.e., AGGB, CQ9, DreamGame, EBet, Evolution, Ezugi, Gameplay, King855, PlayTech, Pragmatic Play, QTech, SAGaming, Sexy Baccarat, WMCasino, XPROGaming, and YeeBet. Our customers can expect a wonderful playing experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

  • Slot

EU9 Asia also has several kinds of slots, based on their form. The customers will find it awesome since some of our providers offer the 3-reel classic slots, a more progressive one, and even the jackpots. For this, we have 15 variations. The most favorable are Endorphina, Pocket Games Soft, PlayNgo, Pragmatic Play, Mega888, NextSpin, and Spadegaming; for the other, we have 918Kiss, AGGB, CQ9, Habanero, JDB, Jili, Joker, Microgaming, Pussy888, SimplePlay, TGP, TopTrendGaming, and Ultimate. Just make sure to play all of them and feel the fun!

  • Sportsbooks

As Asia’s biggest betting and gambling brand, EU9 Asia certainly offers sportsbook services for all sports lovers worldwide. Not only for E-Sports that have already been mentioned before but also for any other sports events, whether league, championship, and match(s). We deliver some of our finest services to cover all of these arrays. You may find our most satisfactory product. i.e., M8 Sport and the S-Sports, but for another alteration, our customer may also choose our newest: CMD 368, IBC, and QTech.

  • Lottery

EU9 Asia lottery service – not only do we provide a safe and trustworthy product, but we also offer the most prominent one: the 4D, known as four-digits. Such a kind of lottery is prevalent in Asia, especially in its southeast part. It lets the customer choose a four-digit number from 0000 to 9999. You can try that one upon our most high-paying product, the 4D Malaysia-Singapore. For another feeling of excitement, you may also want to put your guess on our QTech product. Define your victory by your own hand!

EU9 Multi Claimable Bonuses!

We love to spoil our customers! EU9 Asia bestows plentiful bonuses. In fact, there are so many that we cannot mention them all in this article. But still, there will be discussed some of the most enticing ones. And here they are (terms and conditions apply):

  • Welcome bonuses. The bonus is exclusively for new members and is claimed on the first deposit. The bonus ranged from 188 up to 388 MYR. Only applicable for Live Casino and Sportsbook.

  • Daily Rebate Bonus. It is available for all of the customers and is claimed daily. It matches the level of membership in the form of a rebate percentage. From the Normal as the lowest tier ranges from 0.30-0.60%, up to the Black Diamond for the highest: 0.80-1.50%. Only applicable for Slots, Live Casino, and Sportsbook.

  • Birthday Bonus. This is available for all customers and is claimed once a year. The number of bonuses matches the membership level, ranging from 38 up to 3888 MYR. Only applicable for Sportsbook, Slots, Live Casino, 918kiss & Mega888.

  • Daily Deposit Bonus. Available for all customers and is claimed daily (first deposit). The bonus ranged from 288 up to 388 MYR. Only applicable for Sportsbook, Slots, Live Casino, 918kiss & Mega888.

  • Referral Bonus. It is available for all customers and is claimed daily for referral valid turnover. The bonuses come in the form of turnover commission percentage, up to 0.5%. Only applicable for Sportsbook, Slots, Live Casino & Fishing Games.

Other Interesting Benefits and Advantages at EU9 Asia

We do not want to incommode our precious customers. Thus, all the EU9 Asia facilities will be as practical as possible. Then, let’s take a look at the available payment method. The transactions of EU9 Asia can be done in some ways:

Bank Transfer
Bank transfer, including Maybank, C.I.M.B, Hong Leong, RHB, Public, Ambank, DBS, and more.
Touch’N Go, Boost, Grabpay, Wechat Pay, and others.
Tether (USDT).

EU9 VIP Program

Also, do not forget that we have EU9 Asia VIP Program. This membership feature consists of several levels, from the lowest to the highest. The higher your level will be, the bigger and better the benefit you will get. There are six levels, including:

  • Normal-Silver-Gold. From Normal to the Gold are the first three-level. To get them, you need to reload the VIP Point up to 150K. The first two-level will be a lifetime membership, but the Gold needs to be maintained (75K point monthly). The lowest tier will only get a birthday bonus and a fast transaction process for the benefit. For the Silver and Gold, they get more others such as dedicated VIP personal assistance services and priority transaction process.

  • Platinum-Diamond-Black-Diamond. From Platinum to the Black Diamond are the last three-level. To get them, customers must reload their VIP Point up to 500K. Exclusively for the Black Diamond are by invitation only. To maintain the levels, the monthly point ranged from 175K up to 250K. Not only do they get all the benefits of the first three-level in a more advantageous amount, but they also get other benefits: birthday gifts, a special withdrawal limit, etc.

If you are interested in all the descriptions above and want to join all the excitement, you can visit our site at and register. From there, you can follow all the instructions for an account register. Then put your money as the deposit, and you can play right away! You can contact our dedicated customer service and live chat for further information, support, and assistance. The customer service and live chat are always available, 24/7. Thus, do not hesitate to contact us at EU9 - The Biggest Online Betting in Asia!

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ:

What is EU9?

EU9 is the most trusted and fastest online betting platform in Asia. Our service includes but is not limited to: casinos, sportsbooks, lottery, online games, cockfights, fishing, horse racing, P2P, etc.

How many games that provided by EU9?

EU9 Asia has a lot of online games within several categories. Our customers can choose a vast array of online games, gambling, and casinos provided by the most premium brand recognition, such as EUBET, Spadegaming, Allbet, Playtech, etc.

What bank is available at EU9?

The transactions of EU9 Asia can be done through bank transfer, including Maybank, C.I.M.B, Hong Leong, RHB, Public, Ambank, DBS, and still many more, which we made available.

Is EU9 a Licensed Online Casino?

Yes, EU9 Asia is a licensed online casino. We have certified, licensed, and accredited providers administered by and under the auspices of legal operators and watch such as Gaming Curacao, PAGCOR, bmm, iTech Labs, etc.